Senior Software Architect

Päivitetty: Validointi: Perttu Tolvanen

Yritys: Hion

Paikkakunta: Tampere, Helsinki, Remote

Palkkataso: Yli 5 000 € / kk

Tyyppi: Digipalvelun kehityksen johtaminen (esim. tuoteomistajana tai projektipäällikkönä), Ohjelmistokehitys - back end

Viim. hakupäivä: 30.6.2024 Haku on päättynyt

Hion is a software company, founded in 2001, with almost 60 experts onboard. We specialize in offering tailored software development, web and mobile applications, and eCommerce solutions. At the core of our solutions lies understanding our customers’ businesses and users, high-quality design, scalable technology, data utilization, and continuous learning. We create services that are environmentally friendly, incorporating sustainable development principles into our digital solutions.

Our customers are diverse, ranging from mid-sized companies to publicly listed corporations and the public sector. Our values, Committed, Inspirational, and Sustainable, are reflected in everything we do:

Committed: We are committed to finding the best solutions for our customers while enjoying our work and having fun.
Inspirational: As a community, we are curious and caring. By being inspirational, we are honest, down-to-earth, and determined.
Sustainable: We care about our planet, and our way of working is sustainable, ethical, and transparent.
What does the role entail?

We are looking for a Senior Software Architect who enjoys challenges and wants to work in an agile team, creating digital solutions for our clients. You have a strong background in WordPress-based projects and are willing to share your knowledge with other developers. Your daily work consists of leading and developing software development projects by collaborating with other experienced developers, a project manager, and a designer. In addition to project work, Hion has a team responsible for project maintenance and continuous development. As a Senior Software Architect, you ensure the technical success of the project, grasp the entire scope, and take care of the architecture. You support other developers in the team and participate in quality control. As a project team, you understand the client’s objectives and communicate directly with the client.

We work with various technologies and encourage the use of different tools to achieve the best results. The role involves making comprehensive tech stack choices, creating solution descriptions, and for example managing the cloud platform. We use a variety of tools, technologies, and platforms daily, such as Google Cloud Platform, Docker and WordPress – we hope that you are proficient in these.

In a self-directed organization, meaningful work is driven by common processes, such as technical implementation, quality assessment and code reviews. The most skilled developers in the house conduct code reviews – and you could be one of them. The technical implementation phase of the project model is agile and functional, as developers primarily work on a maximum of few projects at a time, for several months. The projects are large and enterprise-level.

The salary is up to 6200 € / per month, depending on your experience and skills.

Is this you?

You have seen a lot in the WordPress world: you have navigated through challenging projects, successfully implemented client requests, and solved problems that initially seemed impossible.
You’re equipped with great problem-solving and leadership abilities by enjoying teamwork and supporting other developers as well as sharing your expertise with others.
A customer-oriented mindset and willingness to find the best solutions for our customers.
You adapt quickly to changing situations and can handle a variety of projects in different industries self-directed
You are interested in AI and/or green digital services.
You work fluently in English (spoken and written) and you’re located in Finland with a valid work permit.

Minimum of 8 years of experience in software development, with at least 3 years in a senior/lead role, and a relevant university degree
The DevOps world interests you, and above all, you have the desire and curiosity to learn and develop.
An excellent understanding of HTTP principles and concepts, accustomed to configuring Docker environments, and skilled in PHP programming, server infrastructure management, and WordPress best practices.
Strong understanding of software architecture patterns and experience with cloud platforms
Experienced in developing custom themes and plugins and the ability to define and create custom content types and taxonomies.
Why Hion

When working at Hion, you will have an enjoyable working life enriched by a diverse group of colleagues and lively humor. We value diversity and the richness it brings to our community. We invest in creating a diverse community through our internal DEIB task force and by training our community to become more inclusive. As an environmentally conscious community, the commitment to promoting a greener world is at the heart of our existence. Ambitious ESG goals guide our work, which is also evident in our customer relationships.

We offer you the opportunity to have an impact on your own job role, Hion’s operations, and be part of a significant growth story. We are professionally serious about our work and outcome of our work but it doesn’t mean that we are boring. You will have the chance to participate in training sessions and seminars to further develop your skills.

You will be located in the main office in Tampere or in Helsinki, but remote work is also possible if it suits you better. Our top priorities are the well-being and thriving of our employees, and our actions reflect this commitment.

Applying is easy

Do you see yourself as part of the Hion community? If you got excited reading about this opportunity and want to apply, you can submit your application through our recruitment system by June 30th.

Please apply soon, as we will be reviewing applications during the application period and will proceed once a suitable candidate is found.

Our recruitment process follows these steps:

Interview with the Talent Acquisition Partner
Let’s talk about tech – interview with the Senior Software Developer and team lead
Brief chat with our CEO, Ville
Checking references via RefApp

If you have any questions regarding the role, feel free to reach out to our Talent Acquisition Partner Mariia on Monday 17th of June at 10-11 am or on Wednesday 26th of June at 2-3pm. ( or phone +358 442577800)


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