UX/UI Designer

Päivitetty: Validointi: Perttu Tolvanen

Yritys: Fortum

Paikkakunta: Espoo tai Solna

Palkkataso: Riippuu hakijasta

Tyyppi: Käyttöliittymäsuunnittelu ja -testaus

Viim. hakupäivä: 2.6.2024

We’re looking for a creative Mid-Senior UX/UI Designer ready to make a mark on diverse projects within our expansive corporate landscape. You’ll have a unique opportunity to blend user insights and aesthetic design, crafting seamless and visually engaging experiences across our platforms.

What you’ll do:

– Concept and Validation: Lead the charge in UX design for early concept development, engaging with business stakeholders, and validating concepts to guarantee their success.
– Feedback and Iteration: Collect and analyze user feedback on our ongoing projects to inform and refine current designs, enhancing usability, satisfaction, and visual appeal.
– Feature Facilitation and Prioritization: Work with business stakeholders to explore new features, prioritizing them to ensure they deliver maximum value to both the business and our users.
– Designing New Features: Craft engaging and intuitive user interfaces for new features from scratch, utilizing best UX/UI practices to creatively solve user problems and ensure visual consistency.
– User Testing: Conduct user testing sessions to validate your designs, iterating based on feedback to meet our high usability, experience, and aesthetic standards.
– Supporting Developers: Provide clear design specifications and support to developers, ensuring the smooth implementation of concepts.
– User Interviews: Conduct interviews to deeply understand user needs and translate these insights into actionable design improvements.
– Business Engagement: Facilitate discussions with our business teams to align design solutions with business objectives, ensuring a balance between user needs, business goals, and visual excellence.

We’re looking for someone to join our team preferably in Solna, Sweden or alternatively Espoo, Finland. Unfortunately for this position, we can’t arrange relocation, so we expect you to be already located in proximity of one of these offices. We work flexibly in a hybrid model that adapts to both your professional and personal needs.

About You

Are you an experienced professional adept at user-centred design principles and skilled in effective communication? You thrive in collaborative settings, take initiative, and are passionate about crafting visually appealing designs that leave a lasting impact.

What we are looking for:

– An experienced UX/UI Designer with 3-5 years in the field, boasting a portfolio that demonstrates a deep understanding of user-centred design solutions and visual aesthetics.
– Strong communicator capable of effectively engaging with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
– Independent, initiative-taking team player who thrives in collaborative settings.
– Skilled in user research, adept at turning insights into impactful design decisions.
– Proficient with design and prototyping tools such as Figma, and knowledgeable of the latest UX/UI trends and usage of design systems.
– A creative problem solver passionate about crafting exceptional user experiences and visually appealing designs.

We offer you

As a UX/UI Designer at Fortum, you will have a dynamic and supportive work environment in a leading corporate entity. You’ll get opportunities for career growth and development working on diverse projects with cutting-edge technologies.

At Fortum, we believe in a better future and want to be involved in shaping it. With us, you will find a safe place to work, both physically and mentally. You will have a chance to grow professionally in a community of experts. We offer you comprehensive benefits, flexible working time and possibility for remote working. At Fortum, we are committed to building diverse teams where everyone feels included and is treated equally.

More information about our benefits and life at Fortum can be found here.


If you’re passionate about driving user experience and interface excellence and looking for an environment where you can make a significant impact, we’d love to hear from you. Apply before 2.6.2024 with your resume, portfolio, and a cover letter explaining why you’re the right fit for our team. Please apply as soon as possible, as we start contacting suitable candidates already during the application period.

If you would like to hear more about the position, please contact Farnaz Zangouei, Senior Manager, Design, by email at farnaz.zangouei@fortum.com or by phone +46701622602.


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