Ecommerce Solution Consultant

Päivitetty: Validointi: Perttu Tolvanen

Yritys: Tietoevry

Paikkakunta: Espoo

Palkkataso: Riippuu hakijasta

Tyyppi: Erityisasiantuntijat ja muut

Viim. hakupäivä: 4.3.2023

Our Digital Growth business unit combines seasoned and experienced consultants able to advise our customers, lead their development pipelines, and support the continuous improvements in their sales & marketing and CX initiatives. We work both on strategic and operational backlog levels, and we advise and influence our customers’ ways of working.

The domain of digital growth is continuously evolving, which keeps motivation high and the learning curve sharp for the curious-minded. We all have different backgrounds, and we value diverse views and expertise. We nurture a culture of sharing and strive for meaningful interactions with our customers and internally. Digital Growth is part of Tietoevry Create – the leading digital accelerator for innovation and sustainable value creation in Finland and globally.

What you will be working with

As an Ecommerce Solution Consultant you get to work with diverse assignments in both public and private sectors with various lengths and customer expectations. Your job typically is to facilitate communication and mutual understanding between business & solution owners and technology delivery experts, and as such, you are an indispensable linchpin in creating improved ecommerce solutions and growth for our customers. You also get to work alongside our sales team and pre-sales consultants in crafting preliminary solution approaches, responding to RFPs/RFIs and conducting analyses and specification work that precedes or kicks off ecommerce delivery projects.

What we are looking for

As our new Ecommerce Solution Consultant you would have previous hands-on experience in ecommerce and possibly other digital self-services projects. You are used to working with development teams and various stakeholders on the customer’s side. When it comes to developing ecommerce, you have a good level of understanding of both functional and non-functional requirements and how they relate to business ambitions, customer UX expectations, and IT system architectures.

We are technology agnostics but experience working with industry leading technologies and ecosystems is highly valued as is the experience of working with top Nordic/Global organizations. Below are the expectations we have towards the role, but naturally you don’t have to meet all of them.

– Ecommerce domain expertise from internal PO or similar role or as a consultant for a couple of years or more, in addition to working experience of minimum 5 years in total.
– Previous experience from both the public sector and the private sector customers
– Knowledge and capability to independently consult customers related to Ecommerce functionalities, customer journeys, product data models, user management processes, backend system dependencies etc.
– High-level understanding of other relevant digital sales & marketing tools, processes and integrated systems such as ERP, CRM, PIM, CDP etc. as well as cloud-native development paradigm.
– Experience in digital development WoWs especially in the agile end of spectrum whether this means DevOps, SaFe, Scrum or others
– Business analyst background or similar is seen very helpful, meaning meticulously translating business requirements into technical development items and roadmaps
– Strong accountability and project management skills to drive things forward are mandatory for succeeding and being happy in this position
– Fluent presentation and documentation skills both in Finnish and English

As an employer and work community we offer an environment where we

– support our people to grow on a professional and personal level
– want our employees to be happy and have meaningful work combined with an excellent work-life balance
– reward our people’s expertise with an attractive compensation and benefit model
– open opportunities to develop competence and pursue a desired career path
– have big company’s stability, benefits, and opportunities but a smaller community’s spirit and agile ways of working
– enjoy working with each other

Would you see yourself as our future colleague? We would love to hear from you!

Please send your application via our recruitment system, the position will be filled immediately when a suitable candidate is found.

For more details, you can contact our Lead Consultant & Team Lead Olli Mäkelä +358 40 518 2524 or our BU Director, Head of Digital Growth Maija Typpi-Häkkinen, +358 50 566 2819.

Tietoevry thrives with diversity, and we welcome applicants of all genders, ages, abilities, ethnicities, orientations, beliefs, and backgrounds.


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