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Front-end Web Developer to Valve

Valve, Helsinki, Kaartinkaupunki

Valve is looking for a front-end web developer to create bleeding-edge web and mobile sites and online campaigns using Flash and HTML5.

As a developer you work closely together with designers and visual artists to create web sites, applications and campaigns which challenge the ordinary.

You can create new sites and campaigns from ground up or build on top of existing frameworks and utilize libraries where they suit best. Your code is efficient, maintainable and doesn’t resemble spaghetti. You have an eye for what looks good and strive for quality in the whole user experience.

•In minimum three years of professional experience in creating sites and campaigns both on web and in mobile.

•Be well-versed in Flash, Flex and ActionScript 3 and/or have good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

•Spoken and written command of Finnish and English language.

•PHP and MySQL skills are considered a plus.

• Experience in HTML5 and CSS3 are considered a plus.

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