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Project Manager

Valve, Helsinki

We are looking for a Project Manager to lead and manage challenging design oriented projects within the field of digital media. Internally, the Project Manager acts as a team leader in various teams and ensures that the goals set with our customers are met. In addition to project management, the PM also takes part in account development.

Key tasks and responsibilities
* Define the scope of projects (goals, deliverables, schedule, and budget)
* Manage and inspire teams helping to evolve creative concepts into clear sets of deliverables that meet the client's needs
* Serve as the main client interface on projects
* Keep projects on track through clear task lists, issue tracking, status reports, and meeting notes
* Manage client's expectations and clearly communicate project issues and resolution to the client and internal team
* Be passionate about delivering the best creative, but find ways of producing it that does not jeopardise schedule and budget


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