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Rohea Oy
Web-design, Web-ohjelmointi, front end
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We are now looking for a person who is strong in UX development / Design. You don’t have to be extra strong or super experienced in the development part, but if you are able, and more specifically interested and motivated to turn some of your design and UX ideas into the front-end code, that’s a big plus as it makes it possible to get your ideas to the end users even faster. In development we are talking in minimum about html/css/sass, but if you know in addition some or more javascript/react, that would be perfect.

At the moment our front-end team consists of one designer, one UX developer, and 4 developers, so you will not be alone, and there is a lot of opportunities to learn and grow together. We are in the product business, which means that there is indefinite possibilities to get deeper and improve you skills while making sure every part of the product gets all the time more pleasant, effective and fun to use for the end users.

As we work mostly in the B2B segment, it is a perfect place to really stand out of the crowd, but in addition the work you’d do actually has a high impact on how well others in the healthcare, insurance and finance sectors are able to do theirs.

We are interested to hear from people who set the bar high for themselves, are keen on learning and want to continuously improve themselves, the team around them and naturally the product itself. Even if we are in the B2B sector, we want our application to be able to stand direct comparison heads on with the best consumer applications out there.

If you think you can help us with this, we are keen to hear from you! You preferably have already some experience under your belt from real world applications, but even if you would be a fresh graduate (or soon to be one) and think you would be a really good match and fit the bill, get in touch. Attitude, motivation and ability to learn are the most important attributes.

At the moment we have altogether 19 persons with 4 different nationalities working full-time with our product, and we aim to make it big. Maybe you are the next one to join? The company language is English. We are also opening a second office to Prague by September, so if you would like to be able to change the scenery every now and then, but still work with the same product and the same solid team, it’s fully possible to do so!

We don’t have any strict deadline for the recruitment decision, i.e. the hire will be made as soon as possible – but not a second before – we find a great match; if you think you could be the one, please tell us you are out there as soon as possible!


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