Full Stack Tech Lead (for startup)

Helsinki, Vaasa or Tallinn
Web-ohjelmointi, back end, Web-projektien johtaminen
Yli 5 000 € / kk
Viim. hakupvm

In this exciting opportunity as a Full Stack Technical Lead in the recently established startup, you will develop and grow the team around you and deliver solutions which drive desired business outcomes.

Our ideal candidate is innovative engineer who is passionate about writing code and unafraid of solving big problems. You will bring creative ideas and energy to a team, take some risks when needed, and challenge our thinking.

The position is for senior/lead level Full Stack Software Engineer. The candidate will establish own team for driving, designing, creating and maintaining components of our service. The ideal candidate will possess an understanding of web development, utilizing languages such as HTML 5, React, Gatspy, NodeJS, angular JS, Typescript and have preferable have some expertise of PostgresSQL and AWS.

About us

Did you know, almost 90% of Finns find comparing prices easy when buying electronics or holidays. That makes sense while thinking all those platforms like Amazon, Booking.com. They have made it easy.

For financial products same percentage varies from 15% to 45%. That’s why we founded Sortter with ambitious to make financial products comparison simple and transparent across the Europe. During the couple past months, we’ve built our technical foundation and now opening business during the winter.

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