Full Stack Developer

Web-ohjelmointi, back end, Web-ohjelmointi, front end
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As destiny would have it, you and Namia are intertwined in time through a passion for the web. Locked by our endless curiosity that goes beyond narrow domains or single fields of science, we are set to achieve bright futures together.

Both of us know technologies come and go. Therefore, when discerning a good match, neither of us are interested in the nitty gritty – such as programming languages or software. Of course you’re fluent both in code and in visuals. What enables you and us to use these is a deep understanding of the core concepts: a foundation, or platform if you will, to mix and match the best and latest tools upon. However, if you must know, lately our framework of choice has more often than not been Node in the back end, React in the front and if a CMS has been required we’ve opted for WordPress. With this base, our ambition is to venture deep into machine learning territory and apply these learnings to our services.

Our entire workflow is based on the agile model. This enables us to keep our organization flat and our schedules flexible. Naturally the time of day or place of work is of no concern to you or us. The important part is that we deliver joy and happiness to our customers at the end of each sprint. Note: We do have a cosy office at Iso Roobertinkatu, Helsinki, if you prefer.

You may be fresh to the scene or a seasoned old timer. Whichever it is, it hasn’t stopped you from developing yourself or limited you from seeking fresh views. The meaningful part is your personal mix of attitude & aptitude.

If you enjoy taking responsibility, broad horizons, pleasant company, great customers and taking on a challenge, you might enjoy working at Namia – a company with its roots firmly planted in excelling at the web and an outlook to tackle the machine augmented era.

Let’s talk. Let’s build something awesome.

Call Niko at +358 50 574 9175 for more information or drop a free form email to niko@namia.io. Be sure to include your GitHub username and other valid details.


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