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Are you an artisan of technology, a magician of software development? Are you someone who is known to take coding seriously – the one who other software developers turn to for advice? Or are you simply a proud practitioner of software development who makes a big deal out of exceptional technical delivery rather than themselves?

We are Digitalist Group and we have a proposal for you.

Some of the most well-known companies in Finland and beyond have chosen to work with us. Interesting transformations tend to mean interesting projects.

We are not running just one leg of the race; we are the forerunner leading the race. We have developed a unique concept of collaboration that enables our in-house discovery (research), design and development to offer our clients the full package from start to finish. Because of this concept we can handle complex projects on a global scale like the app & content store we developed for over 160,000 Hondas or the cross-platform solution we did for Viking Line to bring the cruise experience closer to customers.

Our people are implementing fast-paced digital transformations, creating state-of-the-art media services, tapping into the latest technologies such as VR and crafting new products for companies including National Geographic and Hewlett-Packard.

What we propose to you is a smart career move. A career move to an international company with a multicultural mix of professionals with diverse backgrounds. From the seasoned gurus to the eager young talents we all want to move the world forward by developing better digital services. So how about joining forces with our designers, engineers, strategists and innovators in order to build modern service-oriented web and mobile solutions?

As a Front End Developer we look to your expertise and advice when choosing the best technologies at the design stage. And when it’s time to turn the initial designs into a work of art, you and your developer colleagues will get to work your magic.

We love passion. And your passion should lie in writing stellar code. The framework of your choice can be React or Angular and you are no stranger to implementing desktop or mobile user interfaces with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Our agile project teams work across the full development stack and typically use methodologies such as Kanban.

We are keen to find technical talent whose eyes light up when they get to build smart UIs on top of micro-services. You are going to smash this job if you have eye for beautiful visual design and true hands-on grip on programming JavaScript and writing CSS.

We also appreciate the ability to make decisions about your daily work and advance your projects without hand-holding. Are you a trustworthy team player who doesn’t just pull their own weight at projects but also helps out others and proactively contributes to the whole project team’s success? If yes, you might just be the one we have been searching for!

What we look for in an ideal candidate:
– Solid coding skills and at least 1 year of experience in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
– Experience in JavaScript frameworks and tools such as React or AngularJS
– Eye for visual and functional details
– Willingness to learn and constantly develop your skills
– Ability to communicate your thoughts and courage to bring your ideas to the table
– Fluent English skills

Can you see yourself joining us? Fill in the application form and tell us about your skills and what motivates you. The deadline for applications is 1.10.2017 but the sooner we hear from you the better!

If you have any questions about this job or Digitalist Group as an employer, please contact Niklas Penttinen for more information. You can reach Niklas at +358 40 559 0316 or niklas.penttinen(a)


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