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Front-end Developer

hasan & partners is looking for an experienced front-end developer.

We want you because you’re:

• Comfortable working both independently and as part of a close-knit team.
• Brilliant at making key decisions under pressure.
• Skilled at using the right tool for the job.
• A true professional with a personal style that’s as positive as your work attitude.
• Focused consistently on finding ways to do things rather than why they can’t be done.
• Passionate about excellent performance.

You want us because we’re:

• Working with the leading brands in Finland.
• On the rise despite uncertain times.
• Eager to send you to conferences.
• Offering you opportunities to make decisions and use cutting-edge technologies.
• Investing in the latest hardware and software to help you do your best work
• Passionate about excellent performance.

Plus, we offer comprehensive benefits, great parties and diversely brilliant, international, English-speaking staff.

Basic tech requirements include:

• At least five years experience as a front-end developer role.
• Knowledge of jQuery, inside-out, plus some experience with other Javascript frameworks (Angular, Backbone etc.).
• Experience with responsive design techniques.
• Skill with CSS pre-processors: LESS, SASS.
• Familiarity with popular HTML5 frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc).
• Experience dealing with legacy browser bugs, and edge-case scenarios on mobile.
• Experience with mobile HTML5 development.
• Some understanding of back-end services written in PHP with a MySQL backend.

Please send your applications and cv to . More information: Tämer Mohsen / +358 40 8600 267,


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