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Have you ever stopped at a store exit by a freestanding machine to push a smiley or a frowny face to declare your happiness or disappointment to the customer experience? You most likely pressed a button on our Smiley Terminal and sent your real-time customer satisfaction data to our system.

We are HappyOrNot and we believe that Every Smiley Counts. Our award-winning service and innovative solutions deliver real-time customer and employee satisfaction data to many cool companies like Lego, McDonalds, Ikea, Nestle, American Express and Heathrow Airport.

Our simple but very clever solution is in high demand all over the world and we are experiencing very rapid growth. Therefore, we are now hiring happy developers to join our R&D team in Tampere.

What this job is about

We produce the elements needed to deliver our service to the customers. This includes devices for collecting the input, our data platform for storing and analyzing the results as well as the reporting service for helping customers understand the feedback.

As a Developer, you would be joining one of our self-organizing R&D teams in Tampere, Finland. We run a SOA architecture and believe Microservices are the way to go as we continue to renew our platform. Our systems run in AWS and we use a multitude of their services to support rapid development.

Our backend is mainly developed in Scala, but as we renew parts of it, we are open to using whatever suits the job and team the best. In Front End we have used React, TypeScript, etc. Our data is stored in a PostgreSQL database.

The way we work together

We work with a long-term quality on our minds. As we build our own product, we want to invest in a long-term quality that meets the customer needs, is reliable, easy to maintain and develop further.
Delivering one’s promises is important to our team. Being able to count on each member of the team contributes to our work happiness.
We like to think that all of our developers are Full Stack, but of course, people have their preferences and expertise. You’ll fit right in if you are also self-driven in maintaining your technical skills and know how.
HappyOrNot is a fast-growing company. If growth and transformation excite you instead of giving you heart palpitations, you should definitely let us hear about you!

Why you would want to work for HappyorNot

This is a fantastic time to join the HappyorNot family! People joining our story right now embark on a journey that may very well make us a rare unicorn company! We have plans and resources to scale quite remarkably over the next couple of years – worldwide.

Our roots hail from Tampere, Finland, and the Finnish quirkiness, honesty and flat hierarchy are some of the key ingredients of our culture. Today we are about 100 employees working in Finland, US, UK, Germany, Japan and France, but already tomorrow, we are probably more.

This job is located at our Tampere HQ situated in the heart of the city, in a red brick building that we fell in love with long before we ever filled it.

Our self-organizing teams choose their own tools and working methods, following certain best practices (like DoD, peer reviews). We believe in lean & agile and invest in continuous improvement. Every team member gets to stretch their capabilities and take the lead role in a project when they are ready for it.

Hop on the growth journey with us and help us make the world a happier place Smiley at a time!


Send us your application by 15.08.2018 via our web page.

Ask Eeva-Liisa for more information about this job, the R&D team and HappyOrNot:, p. +358 40724 9229. You can call her anytime during the office hours, except she will be on her well deserved vacation between 9.7.-6.8.2018. During that time, please contact

Every Smiley counts.

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