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Our backend software development team used to be three people (Christoffer, Kenneth, Christoffer) who did PHP – on a bunch of PHP frameworks – as a swiss army knife.

Now we have substantially grown – currently we’re at 40+ developers – and noticed that we really need backend developers as well. The same guys simply cannot handle it all.

At the same time, our tech stack has substantially changed. Instead of doing traditional server-side-rendered applications with PHP, everything we do is based on RESTful APIs – sometimes on Lumen (Laravel), sometimes on Node, and surely in the future on something else entirely.

In 2016, we’ve been for instance working on Frank (AWS Lambda), Yrityskylä (Node), Toimitilahaku & Kodisto (Lumen) & Verisure Security Study App (Lumen).

Open Source projects we have been working on on the backend side:

just to name a few. You can find more on our GitHub account
What you won’t do is:

Do crap with really old legacy systems that customers tend to have
Even handle our own legacy systems built with Yii etc. We have almost zero legacy systems that we maintain and usually we start with a clean slate.
What you will do is:

Software architecture and API design (the API guys are usually responsible for almost all the business logic)
Build APIs, usually in teams of 2–4 developers
Build integrations to different platforms
What you should be is an experienced senior backend developer who knows:

GraphQL (is a big plus)
PHP (Lumen/Laravel is a big plus)
API design & architecture
Server architecture & infrastructure
Cloud services (AWS, UpCloud etc.)
Software deployment strategies
If you don’t know all of these things, that’s fine. You will learn. If you don’t know any of them… don’t apply.

For more information, contact Lead Backend Developer Christoffer Lindqvist, 040 507 3141, christoffer.lindqvist@nordsoftware.com

Applications should be sent to recruitment@nordsoftware.com

We aim to fill this position(s) as soon as we find the right person, so don’t hesitate.


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