Full-Stack Developer

Web-ohjelmointi, back end, Web-ohjelmointi, front end, Web-projektien johtaminen
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We are looking for a senior full-stack developer to lead the company’s online service development. We need you primarily to design and implement online service portal together with the analytic components related to it.

The product owner is there for you to tell you the problems to solve, and the goals to reach, but you are to choose the tools, design the software components and get the thing implemented together with the team. Therefore, we expect you to have experience in various online development projects and a creative mind to find the best solutions.

Viomba is a startup company in its initial stages. After the initial innovation was tested in 2015, we have had a group of private investors and TEKES providing us the funding to turn the innovation into a working service. Currently, we plan to launch our first commercial services to the public during the year 2017. After the launch, we still have plenty of development to do to complete our offerings. We have acquired already few prominent local and international pilot customers to ensure further commercialization going forward.

To our clients, we provide highly specialised information services from the biometric data our systems collect from humans. With our innovative technology, we are able to convert certain biometric readings into meaningful and highly valuable business data to guide our customers’ business processes. We are Helsinki-based, but our intention is to become defacto-solution internationally. Our development team is already now internationally distributed.

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