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We are looking for a passionate Frontend Developer who understands the way HTML, CSS and Javascript works. Someone who understands why not to use !important and knows how to comfort a JavaScript bug – you console it. We build sites and apps with love and so should you. We connect your beautifully built Frontend to a backend such as WordPress/HubSpot so having knowledge around there would be ggggggggreat. React is cool too you hippie. Sending some of your previous frontend work is a great way to get us excited (please no mambo-jambo).

Supercell, Rovio, Slush, Seriously, Nextgames, Comptel, Messukeskus and Qt (to name a few) are our clients and we do daily work for these cool folks – we love them! Our job is to help them achieve their goals while keeping the end product looking like a million euros. Our meetings tend to sound like a bit-too-loud cocktail party on a friday night by your damn neighbor.

Our team is filled with detail oriented perfectionists who can get you laughing in and outside of the office hours. Our team started just few years ago in one’s mom’s basement and we have a progressed a lot since. We are in a very good state and we are aiming high.

We help you when you need help, we teach you when needed and we listen & learn when you have something to teach us. We want to sit right next an open-minded enthusiast who wants to grow on an individual level just as much as on a team level. So far we have been very successful in finding such people.

Every time you walk in from the front door you should feel joy and excitement. The office should feel warm and comfortable (and it is!). We (and probably you) don’t want to sit right next to an asshole. Assholes bad – nice people good. Our team chemistry is one of our company’s biggest strengths and we will keep it that way when picking our next family member. Our Flickr gives a glimpse in our daily life:

Theres one “if” and we are sorry that you have to learn to live with it: our team has a serious problem in trying to be satisfied with their own work. It’s not that it’s not high quality but because we feel it can always be better. It’s a daily struggle. Sometimes it feels a bit like an AA meeting to be honest, but you are welcome to join.


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